William Goldman-Postmodern Writer

Book Information

The Princess bride was created when William Goldman asked his little daughters what his next book should be about. One said "Princesses" and the other said "Brides"  This is an intertextual story which is a story within a story.  
  A young woman lives on a farm in Florin. She finds joy in verbally abusing the farm hand, Westley. She soon falls in love with him though. He leave so that he could seek fortune to marry Buttercup, the young woman. Buttercup later receives word that his ship was attacked by pirates. Buttercup is forced to marry Prince Humperdink. Before her marriage, she is kidnapped by three Sicilians. Someone comes to her rescue however. Who could he be? Is Westley really dead? Could it be him?  
Parents should know that this novel does contain some violence. There are scenes of sword fighting, other mild violence, attack rats, and kissing.