William Goldman-Postmodern Writer


Metafiction is a type of fiction that addresses the the devices of fiction, revealing fictional illusion. Meta-fiction uses techniques to draw attention to itself while exposing the truth of a story at the same time. There are various devices of meta-fiction. However, The Princess Bride specifically uses a story which contains another fictional story within itself. In the novel, a grandpa is reading a book to his grandson. When he reads, that story comes to life, but when he stops reading, reality comes back and he is talking to his grandson. Other works of literature also use metafiction such as: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Things They Carried. In The Things They Carried the author, Tim O'Brien, who is a Vietnam war veteran, tells about a character by the name of Tim O'Brien and his experiences of in Vietnam. Tim O'Brien as the narrator, tells the audience about some fictional war stories, while telling the truth behind the story. However, the whole story is characterized as fiction.


Themes and Symbolism 

The reoccurring theme in this fairy tale novel is true love. Buttercup is in love with Westley an Westley is in love with her.  Westley ventures to find wealth so that they can be together. He fights off bad guys and is willing to kill for the love of his life. 
    The symbolism in this story are subtle. The narrator constantly interrupting represents literary freedom. Also the ability to bring whatever they think to the story. (www.sparknotes.com)